Leadership Team:

Below are several of the Leaders within our church. In truth, these are just a few of the many “leaders” who keep Perry UMC being the church that it is.  We appreciate all the work and help from not only these individuals but each and every volunteer who gives of their time and spiritual gifts to our church, our community, and beyond.

Pastor Rick Crawford

Kim Cummings

Church Secretary


Mitzi Richmond,
Child Protection Coordinator
Youth Class Leader

Mitzi’s responsibility is keeping the church functioning. Without her knowledge and organization skills, the church could not survive.  She is passionate about her job and we appreciate everything she does.

Joyce Pitsenbarger,
Music Director

 Here at Perry UMC, music plays and intrigal part in our worship service.  Joyce’s role is to incorporate music into the service that fits the particular theme for the week or season.  Joyce’s gift to the Church is her ability to lead the congregation in music that is timely, exciting, meaningful and spirit filled. Joyce is an accomplished musician herself.  She works as choir director, director on all of our cantata’s, and is eager to share her gifts with the Church.


IMG_0559Wayne Richmond,
Finance Chairman
Audio/Visual Tech.

Wayne is the individual at Perry UMC responsible for keeping us up to date, keeping our computers up and running, providing multimedia for our worship services, and all-around tech guru.  We are indebted to him for all that he does for us!