“Apostle”—One Who Is Sent

After these things, the Lord commissioned seventy-two others and sent them on ahead in pairs to every city and place he was about to go.” Luke 10:1 (CEB)
If we take time to think about it, a church’s activities and ministries fall into four categories. The business of a church is to: REACH (out to people), RECEIVE (new people into the church), DISCIPLE (grow in faith), and SEND (disciples into the world). These are what Christ commands us to do. If a church cooperates with the ministry of the Holy Spirit in all four of these areas then a church will grow and, thus, God’s kingdom too. Mostly, we tend to fall short on the SEND part. We United Methodists keep pretty quiet about our faith—even during worship!

In last month’s Peeper article I wrote that my prayer was the Spirit would “enliven” and “embolden” us as the Day of Hope approaches. So, how’s that working out for us? Quite good, actually! Last Sunday we heard two strong “Sent” testimonies. Ellen Todd told us of her experience with a group of young people singing along while she sang and played the ukulele. Ellen was enthusiastic in her telling and we could hear and see her joy. Then, minutes later, Marge Holland related her experiences handing out Day of Hope flyers in and around Sophia—which included the local liquor store—where, by the way, she received her warmest welcome for flyers! Marge, like Ellen, was joyful. Hmm, musician, Ellen Todd, and marketer, Marge Holland, are both evangelists. Who knew? Well…God knew! These were two wonderful spiritual moments celebrated within the context of worship by two of Christ’s earnest disciples who were practicing being “Sent”. I was “blown away.”

But wait! I am not yet finished. Monday night (July 20) I led a training session for those interested in working the “Connections Tent” on the Day of Hope. The Connections Tent is where we get a chance to pray and give witness to our faith as people leave the Day of Hope event. Convoy of Hope provides a training booklet and I decided to print five copies ahead of the meeting. My friends, was I ever wrong! Ten folks attended that training meeting and I was only too happy to quickly print the additional copies. The work of the Holy Spirit in and through Perry folks continues to amaze and encourage me. “Thank you” for thinking “BIG”. It is a privilege to be your pastor for another year and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

May the Spirit continue to enliven and embolden us…
Pastor Scott