Colorful Calls

September is a month of transition—from Summer to Autumn. I am always a little saddened as I see the leaves beginning to turn and the nights cool off because, Winter cannot be far off. Yet, between Summer and Winter, comes this glorious, colorful season of transition and we don’t want to miss the sight of our beautiful “mountains of God” in their burning colors.

Transition came to Moses’ life too. He was minding his business as a shepherd (his work) in Midian while God’s people languished under Pharaoh’s bondage and oppression in Egypt. Then, suddenly, he sees a burning bush that is not consumed by the fire (the burning bush is a Theophany or physical manifestation of God) and decides to “turn aside” to see what was going on. His life was never the same again. Although reluctant and not without some protest, Moses answered God’s call to deliver God’s people from oppression. Hey! Moses is “on the lam” from Egypt anyway, and he knows following God’s call “ain’t gonna be easy”! However, the bush is burning with bright flames of yellows, reds, and orange hues—not unlike the colors of Autumn—and Moses follows God’s bright, colorful call—one of THE classic Biblical “Calls”.

Christ too “calls” us to follow him as Christians. Every person who takes the name of Christ is called to service. “They’ll know we are Christians by our love” the hymn says and that is part and parcel of Christ’s call to us—that we act out of the same love as Jesus does. The path of following Christ isn’t always easy but it is there to be followed. What keeps us going? The only “burning bushes” we see might be those in their Autumn colors; rather it is the love in our hearts that burns as we continue to “turn aside” from our daily work to see and hear God’s call upon our lives. May Christ’s love burn within us and never be extinguished as we “labor” unto the Lord.

Peace Sisters and Brothers,
Pastor Scott