Spring has come to Shady Spring and what a time it is! Life is “springing” up again after the cruel winter. Redbuds, anemones, bluets, coltsfoot, and dogwood…the list of springtime blossoms seems endless. And those birds! I was awakened recently at the parsonage at 3:00a by the sweet sounds of birds singing. It can only be springtime and I realized this year that another spelling for spring is: HOPE. As 1 Peter says, we are given a new birth in a living hope. Yep, what blossoms and bird songs are to spring, the resurrection is to Christians. We are birthed into a living hope.

Where do I see hope? In more places than I have space for writing so I will mention one place. This Tuesday past, Amy Crawford and I attended the initial meeting for the upcoming Beckley Day of Hope. The date is Saturday, August 15, and the venue is the Convention Center. The Day of Hope leadership is expecting 3,000 guests and will require 1,000 servants as well as monetary donations. Amy and I were excited to hear the wonderful testimonies of people’s lives being transformed by just one awesome day!

Ah, what did 1 Peter say about Christ giving us a new birth into a living hope? So, as the psalmist wrote, let us count our days and begin to prepare for Perry’s participation in the Day of Hope.

Last year about eight of us served and my “hope” this year is that we will double that number as well as substantially increasing our monetary donation to the event. To me, hope means commitment and I have committed Perry to begin praying for the event, bringing more servants to the event, and a base donation of $2,500.00. Even more importantly, I have committed Perry to being a “Connections Church” at the Day of Hope. As a Connections Church we will be available to pray with people and share the Good News of the hope that dwells within us. As a Connections Church we will also follow up with those folks that we pray with and talk to so that their HOPE doesn’t stumble and people know that others care for them.

PERRY CHURCH!! This is an awesome opportunity for us to put our faith into action, so begin praying how you might best fulfill God’s will in your life as a servant at the Day of Hope.

Whatcha workin’ on “BIG” Church?

Grace to all, Pastor Scott