Marks of Discipleship

 This month we complete our sojourn into Matthew’s Gospel the first four Sundays of November. The fifth Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent—the beginning of the Christian New Year and the Gospel focus will shift to Mark with readings of John scattered throughout. Matthew’s texts conclude with a reading from the 25th Chapter—verses 31-­‐46 are among the top five most important passages in the Bible. These verses represent the culmination of what it means to be a follower or disciple of Jesus. We will spend the month of November considering what a disciple is or is not, but Matthew 25:31-­‐46 remain definitive.
Our formation as disciples never ends on this side of life. Formation requires constant attention, engagement, and, well, application of spiritual discipline(s). Disciples always consider what their “next steps” in spiritual formation and growth will be—the status quo is never sufficient—there is no such thing as an “instant disciple.” The text from Matthew 25 tells us where the disciple’s journey of formation must end. I hope that you will make extra effort to join us in worship these next four Sundays and consider what your “next step” in formation as a disciple will be.

Peace Sisters and Brothers,
Pastor Scott