Perry Acts As One

In my view we had a most fruitful Fall Festival – the 3rd Annual Festival by count.  “Tons” of hard work by quite a number of people forged a fine Saturday that was blessed with beautiful weather and a collegial spirit.  Yet, for me, the most significant moment actually followed the Festival on Sunday at the 10:45 service.  Karen delivered the usual spate of announcements and then asked if anyone had “anything else,” Obviously prepared for the invitation, Festival Chairman, Rick Dotson, thanked folks for their help and perfectly summed the Festival efforts, as he declared: “This shows that we (Perry) can do anything when we work together.”  In short, we (Perry) acted as “One.”
In the 17th Chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus prays what has come to be known as his “high priestly prayer.”  It is a prayer for the safety and unity of the Disciples.  In the next Chapter, Jesus will be arrested and tried, Thus, Jesus prays for his Disciples at this perilous time.  Within hours after Jesus offer his prayer, however, the Disciples scatter in panic – hardly acting as “one.”  The Disciples will later begin to act as “one” under the impetus of the Holy Spirit and, in fact, they will act so differently that only a new name will do – they are called Apostles.  The meaning of their new name is:  “one who is sent.”
When the people of a church manage to act as “one” we are sometimes surprised and gratified.  We should, however, remember that Jesus always meant that we should as “one” and John 17 is our assurance from the Christ.  Folks, we have been “prayed over’ by the Master himself!  Each one of us is meant to be an apostle in the sense that we are, each one, “sent.”  So, as your pastor, I am wondering what might happen if we were to continue to act as “one” and apply the same kind of hard work that made the Fall Festival fruitful in inviting folks to church?  Let’s, each one of us, invite at least one new person to church during the month of October.  After all, Jesus has prayed for our safety and who knows how many new folks could come to profess Christ in the coming year!
Hulda’s fried pies notwithstanding; they weren’t the only thing we offered at the Fall Festival.  I was so please to note that quite a few Perry folks offered invitations to our Festival guests to attend Perry for worship.  In fact, one couple, along with their granddaughter, did join us at the 10:45 Service after attending the Fall Festival!  “Thank you,” for your dedication and hard work at Perry.  You are a wonderful church family and I continue to be amazed and proud to serve as your pastor.
Peace Sisters and Brothers,
Pastor Scott