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The First 50 Years

of Perry Memorial United Methodist Church  1957 – 2007
The House That Faith Built



Find a history that was written in 2007 to celebrate Perry Memorial United Methodist Church’s 50 years of spiritual growth in Shady Spring, West Virginia. These words spoken in 1964 are as true today as they were then;

“Today with humble gratitude to the Father of us all and grateful appreciation to all who in any way, have entered into our labors and brotherly love for the family of God everywhere. We are indeed proud of Perry Memorial United Methodist Church and extend to all of you a warm welcome to join our family of worshippers in any and all of our activities. We earnestly ask your prayers for our continued growth and influence to the betterment of our community.” Edna Starr, Celebration at the United Methodist Temple, Beckley WV, May 1964

For a copy of The First 50 Years history book please contact Perry Memorial UMC

Perry Visits Old Rehoboth Church

Thank you Anita for your time and tour of the Rehoboth Church. our Perry Memorial United Methodist Church PATHFINDERS Youth Confirmation Class and families enjoyed our time learning from you about our United Methodist history and this historical church right here in West Virginia.

is was very special day as we prayed and celebrated Holy Communion at a table and in a church where so many have done before us.

Rehoboth Church cover 2016
Perry confirmation class visited the 230 year old Rehoboth Church near Union WV – the oldest existing House of Worship West of the Allegheny Mountains.


Glory Sighting! A Day of Hope


Read about Beckley Day of Hope at
West Virginia Conference
United Methodist Church


“Follow Me” by Tonya Mills

Follow Me

At our recent Perry Church Picnic we had a Special Guest join us by the lakeshore. She started with a blank canvas, then while listening to a few of her favorite hymns she began to paint. We all watched with anticipation as our guest, Tonya Mills created – “Follow Me.” We appreciate Tonya joining us by the lakeshore to create this special gift to our Perry family and our community.


Because God Heals, There Is Hope.

Thank you Gary for coming to Beckley to speak to our community about the importance or recognizing the signs of Teen and Adult Depression, and the importance of understanding that there are ways each of us can help those that experience depression.

We wanted to share these resources for getting help with depression:

Gary’s website – Surviving Teen Depression

Watch Gary’s You Tube Video – Teens Surviving The Storm