Window Washing

Well, the Fall Festival is over and I offer “Thanks!” to everyone for their help and participation. I especially thank Rick Dotson for providing leadership for the Fall Festival. Perry is an awesome church because of awesome people. On we go! Shepherd’s Table is upcoming, backpacks continue weekly, the Choir sings out, and we have weekly youth meetings. You do know, don’t you, that Perry has a Youth Group called the Perry Pathfinders? Yes, we remain busy, plus, it is “high time” to concentrate on Charge Conference. More “stuff” to do. The “rhythm” of church continues.

Serving Christ is about more than staying “busy,” however. The 4th Chapter of Hebrews speaks about “entering God’s rest”—the concept of Sabbath. Sabbath does not mean that we collapse and become the spiritual equivalent of “couch potatoes.” While Sabbath certainly can include physical rest, Sabbath also provides that we STOP, STEP back, and ALLOW for a new perspective. This is how I find Sabbath meaningful and I am happy to provide an example.

One recent morning at the parsonage, I was working on a sermon. I was on “page 2” (sermons are “usually” around four written pages in length) when I became “stuck.” Couldn’t write another word! Oh dear! I closed the laptop and looked towards the outside across the deck. Then I noticed (not for the first time I confess) that the outside glass surface of the patio doors was dirty with dust and grime that settles over time. “Ok, that’s enough!” I sighed, and looked for allies. Soon, Windex, paper towels, and a squeegee, were my trusted partners. Within minutes the glass in the patio doors was much cleaner (although not exactly spotless). Just as I was wiping the last drops of Windex off the glass, the Spirit brought to mind how to finish the sermon. I had experienced Sabbath time and was refreshed. Even washing windows can be renewing. I was rested. (Oh, by the way, I don’t hire out for windows.)

God works in so many marvelous ways. A little Sabbath time and I could not only clearly see the back yard but how to proceed on the sermon as well. Ah, a Glory Sighting contained within a moment of Sabbath. Thank you, Lord.

May you allow God’s principle of Sabbath to work the wonder of rest in your life…

Pastor Scott